/ma:sa/ noun
1    a: /ma/ short for MAsk
     b: /sa/ short for SAnitizer


The idea for


was born during the unforeseen pandemic. The mandate for wearing masks and using hand sanitizer became a core routine in an effort to minimize the spread of the virus.

Since the beginning of the pandemic till now, the awareness of our own health and the health of others has increased. People now, all over the world, wear masks in communal places and are sanitizing after touching anything that is highly exposed to the public.


is designed to be a convenient 2 in 1 solution; a designated place to carry your mask and sanitizer, wherever you go.
It is a compact silicone case, which holds a refillable hand sanitizer bottle on one side [shown in (a)] with a compartment to hold your mask on the other side [shown in (b)]. Hang it where you like, from the corner loophole [shown in (c)] and you are set!

Made with care to be just what you need, when you need it ︎


(a) sanitizer bottle

(b) mask compartment

(c) loophole